Networks, Organizations and Movements

Distributed campaigning can work in different ways for your supporters and members.

You can enable your supporters to organically create their own campaigns on issues that matter in their communities.

In addition, there are tools for coordinated organizing and campaigning. These are usually national or international campaigns that share a common goal but have many local targets. Based on the idea that applying pressure to many local targets can be more effective than trying to pressure a single national or international institution, these coordinated, local campaigns lead to smaller victories that add up to a big impact.

Moderate supporter petitions

Review and moderate all petitions posted on your organization or campaign hub.
Approve messages sent from petition creators to signers.
Integrate with your CRM and opt new supporters in to your email list.
Partner with like-minded organizations to run campaigns and grow your supporter lists.

Landing pages

EXAMPLE A good example of this kind of campaign could be “16 Days of Activism”. Your organization/coalition/network provides common goals for the campaign and can offer common campaign toolkits, talking points, and success stories to inspire your partner leaders.

The network/organization provides the common goals for the campaign
Supporters are asked to add their own local targets.
The network/organization can suggest or require common text, but supporters create and lead the petitions
Each local petition has a local leader
Allows supporters to own local campaigns activates them and gives them an increased sense of agency
Having a local on-the-ground leader allows the organization to more easily stage local events, like rallies or in-person petition deliveries


EXAMPLE To prevent the passage of a piece of legislation, you can create an Effort with a separate petition targeting each parliamentarian. After recruiting local leaders and signers, you coordinate the delivery of each petition to its targeted member of parliament.

With Efforts, local targets are preselected by the organization.
Usually the petitions included in Efforts campaigns are pre-created by the organization.
Members are recruited to lead the campaigns locally.
Efforts can be useful if you have a specific list of targets that you want to pressure.


In selected campaigns MANIFESTA will include a fundraising ask.
This way, we can transform the commitment of your supporters into sustained support for your campaign, or additionally direct donations to organizations on the ground working on the issues.

Manage and Track Events

Moderate all events created on your partner hub.
Create calendars of similar events, like days of action or petition hand-ins.
Track RSVPs and add new users to your CRM.

Build and Manage Groups

Groups allow your members to organize and join groups with fellow supporters.
Create group collections.
Moderate and approve new groups and group organizers.
View all petitions, events, and discussion threads across all groups.
Create broadcast posts to communicate with all groups in a collection.

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